Identification Guide

Dealers Resource Guide & Information Links

(How to identify Marks, Monograms and Hallmarks on Pottery, Porcelain, Glass, Silver and other Antiques and Collectables.

Including sources for pattern identification and dating).



The links below are an invaluable resource for the identification and dating of your antiques and collectables. Whilst not complete it is an ongoing list of research material that is freely available on the internet. Information is categorised by subject to hopefully help you find what you are looking for.

I will update the information regularly, adding further links as they become available.








 Good database of World Artists and their works, including exhibit information.

The site offers limited information under it's free search but is worth using as

a first step in identifying 'known' artists.

Art prices, art appraisal - Search free

You can also try Artcyclopedia but they have a limited database and it is not

as good 

Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine




If there is a Label attached to the back giving details of the Framer, it may be possible to trace the date when the piece was framed.

You can do this by visiting The National Portrait Gallery's website, which has several research articles. The Framer's details are here -





World Hallmarks

can be found on the database published by 925-1000 which covers most

countries and makers.

Also here at silvercollection


British HallmarksA great deal of information including Makers Hallmarks

can be found here - Silver makers marks


Scottish Silver Makers and Hallmarks

can be identified at the Incorporation of Goldsmiths located in Edinburgh.

You have to sign-up (free) to use the database. The information is the best

you will find available on Scottish silversmiths and is an invaluable link if

you deal or collect antique silver.


 British Assay Marks

on Gold, Silver and Platinum can be downloaded in a PDF file

from the British National Archives, which includes antique

assay marks up to 1974 at britishhallmarkingcouncil


Silver Walking Sticks, Umbrellas & Parasols, etc,

The above items, along with Swagger Sticks and Conductors Batons were

made by several specialist English Silver Makers, some of whom are difficult

to identify. This well composed and informative compilation of makers

details along with their marks, etc, is an absolute godsend for anyone wanting

to identify the hallmarks on these items.





Fine Porcelain Marks

are available at the following website, which holds a superb selection of marks

from different countries Efineantiques Table of Fine Porcelain Marks


German Porcelain Marks

can be found at PM&M which specialises in German and Bavarian Marks and

has a very comprehensive list of manufacturers. They also include marks

from Europe and the USA.

PM&M German porcelain marks


German Beer Steins

Marks can be found here - Stein Marks which is an invaluable resourse for

Stein or Tankard Collectors


Cornish Ceramics

can be found at this page, where there is a database of Cornish Potters Marks

along with their production dates.

The Digital Museum of Cornish Ceramics - Potteries and Marks


 English Cups & Saucers.

Dating and identifying unmarked Cups and Saucers can be difficult even for

the professional. The following is a link to identifying and dating Bute Cups

which were made by several manufacturers in the early 19th Century.

Bute Cups Guide


  Collectors Plates

Fallen out of favour these past few years, there are still some desirable pieces

in the Collectors Plates field. Here you can find a thorough listing of

manufacturers along with individual pattern names, along with the suggested

sale price in US Dollars.

Collector Point - Plate Database





Carnival Glass

can be identified by using this link to and by searching through the various

patterns and makers.

Carnival Glass Index by pattern


Pressed Glass

A very good source for information on Pressed Glass is the German website

Pressglas Korrespondenz. The website itself is in german, however some of

the documents are in english and you can also visit the site through Google

Translate to give you a better understanding. The site is a wealth of

information and is well worth visiting.



English Pressed Glass

can be researched through the two following sites, both good sites with some

detailed information on patterns and makers.

1) English Pressed Glass

2) English pressed glass


UK and World glass

is covered by the website Great Glass, although they have ceased trading their

website is still live for research and identification.

Great Glass home page


Ysart Glass

- This site is about the glass made by a Spanish family, the Ysarts, in Perth,

Scotland, beginning in 1922. (Ysart is pronounced ‘ees-art’) They also include

information on Monart Glass - Vasart Glass - Paul Ysart - Strathearn Glass

- Stuart Strathearn - John Moncrieff Ltd - North British Glassworks -

Caithness Glass - Scottish Glassmakers - Pirelli Glass - Nazeing Glass

Ysart Glass main page and index


20th Century Glass

Glassyeye is a site for 20th Century Glass aficionado's. Very detailed with many

links to makers and designers throughout the world.

 GlassyEye :: a collection of 20th Century Art Glass


Cloud Glass

can be found here at which also has great information on

George Davidson Glass, which is listed below.


Davidson Glass

Information freely available at the following site

Davidson Glass between the wars





Playle's: Real Photo Price Guide

is the place to go to get an idea of the value of your vintage 'real photo'

postcards. It is categorised by subject to make things easier. Obviously

condition plays an important part in assessing value, so don't take the

prices listed too literally.

You can also date your postcards on the same site by the stamp box

located on the back, which is a valuable resource for collectors.

Playle's: Real Photo Stamp Boxes A-B, How to Identify and Date Real

Photo Vintage Postcards


 Ralph Tuck

Postcards and information can be found here -

The Postcards of Raphael Tuck & Sons - TuckDB





Teddy Bears are shown at Grandmas Teddies Teddy Bear Museum -

A showcase of beautiful, rare & vintage bear collections

no valuations but it's a good place to identify makers.







enthusiasts can find out a whole mine of information through the following three

websites. The links cover works done at all the Lladro Brothers factories,

including Lladro, Nao and Zaphir. Model names, numbers and periods of

production are covered along with rarity.

El Portal Porcelana Spanish Porcelain Information

Nao porcelain figurines. Classic Porcelain and Home Decor.

Lladró porcelain figurines. Classic Porcelain and Home Decor.



produced ceramic animal figurines and related pottery from the 1950's.

These popular models can be identified here along with there model numbers

- Studio Szeiler, including model numbers



Comics & Books

With the growing popularity of modern collectables it may be wise to check

value before confining them to the bin, especially if you are doing a House

Clearance and there is much age to them. The following is a US site, however

does deal with UK Comics. Ideal to judge the rarity but again condition needs

to be taken into account as well asthe lower demand in the UK for Comics as

a Collectable.

ComicConnect :: The Online Marketplace for Comic Buyers & Sellers




The UK Portable Antiquities Scheme is a database cataloguing the finds and

artefacts unearthed by the UK Metal Detectorists in persuit of their hobby.

It is an invaluable tool for collectors and dealers of portable antiquities and

those interested in the subject.


The Portable Antiquities Scheme







 Fabulous site to learn how to do simple pottery repair and restoration through

their free Step by step instructions and videos.


Repair and Restoration Ceramic Lab | Professional Restorers Team




A good guide to ensuring that your clock runs well, including Setting-Up,

Care and Maintainance. The 'Tips' section is especially informative and the site

is well worth visiting before you take the step of taking your clock to a repairer.


How to look after and care for antique clocks by Horologica

How to set up a mechanical clock that keeps stopping by HOROLOGICA

FREE tips on how to fix your own clock by HOROLOGICA






I Antique Online - A Community For People Who Buy, Sell or Collect Antiques, Collectibles and Art






Below is a list of online antiques outlets where you can offer your stock

for sale. These sites offer the Antique and Collectables dealer the

opportunity of showcasing their stock to reach a wider audience than they

would normally, without the expense of having their own online store.

It is also a more professional alternative than simply offering your

items through ebay.



The Antiques Auction Room


UK Sellers and Dealers have the opportunity to list their items here by either

a 'Buy it Now' or Auction format listing. The prices are published on the website

and at time of writing, it is currently free to list with a sale commission of 3%

on the final sale price.