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About OldeWorlde

Andrew Jackson the owner has 30 years experience of dealing in antiques and collectables. Located in Sandown on the beautiful Isle of Wight, OldeWorlde Antiques has been featured on the BBC television program Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip, with Sandi Toksvig, Sheila Hancock, David Barby and Philip Serrell.
If you are in need of design inspiration, we stock a wide range of Vintage Collectables and Quality Antiques to suit all pockets, including Antique Prints, Postcards, Pottery, Porcelain, Antique Furniture and Vintage and Retro collectables including many items from the Isle of Wight.
We also stock a good selection of Antique Hallmarked Silver.
We welcome visitors and buyers from around the world.
We also Ship Worldwide and have many satisfied customers.



We put our name behind our products

Everything we sell is GENUINE Vintage or Antique.

We do NOT sell Reproductions of any kind.



Everything available through OldeWorlde is Reclaimed and

Recycled. Whether you are buying a Fine Antique or Vintage

Collectable all items are Carbon Neutral having been manufactured

many generations ago, so any detriment to the environment

is purely historical. Furthermore by choosing to buy historically

produced items you are conserving and maintaining todays

manufacturing resources for future generations.


You also gain by benefiting from Higher Manufacturing Standards

and receive a Better Quality product than can be found on

todays High Streets, at the same time Saving Money

and helping to Protect your Planets Future


Nothing goes to Landfill and everything is recycled in some form,

even items ordered through our website are sent out in

recycled packaging.


You can rest assured when buying anything from OldeWorlde

we have you, your children's and your planets best interests at heart!


That is why we were awarded the Green Apple Award

at the Houses of Parliament in November 2013

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Isle of Wight dealer of Antique's including
Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Majolica and Porcelain de Limoges
through to Stoneware Ceramics and Art Pottery.
We stock Postcards from the Isle of Wight, through to
Fine Quality Antiques,Jewellery and Vintage items.
Why not visit us and appreciate the value of Collectables.
The Antique Shop Online since 2004

You will find us at:

3 High Street,
Isle of Wight
PO36 8DA

(overlooking Sandown Pier).



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